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What Causes Acne on the Chin and Cheeks of Your Face?

Causes of Acne

There are a lot of causes and reasons why acne pimples and zits can suddenly break out and plague our chin or cheeks. Your face comes in contact with a lot of things, and we provide the solution to the cause. We’ll begin with stress, environment, hormone changes, food allergies and sensitivities as the most commonly discussed culprits. The root of the issue lies with the Propionibacterium. These irritating, slow growing bacteria are difficult to get rid of once they are overabundant. Many factors contribute to and trigger their growth. Clogged pores from the over accumulation of surface cells block this bacteria in the pore, creating a warm, dark, oxygen free environment. The kind of habitat perfect for growing colonies of these little buggers.

With the advent of cell phones, more and more people are staying in contact with family, friends, and associates on a much larger scale. Pressing these little machines directly onto open pores with their accumulated bacteria is just perfect for colonization. Couple that with text messaging and you are basically equating your cheeks to your hands. Picture everything your hands touch in a single day. Then picture yourself rubbing your cheek onto those same surfaces without washing….paints a picture doesn’t it?!

Acne can occur anywhere on the body, though our faces and cheeks tend to take the brunt of the assault. Our skin has what called an acid mantle. This easily disturbed health barrier maintains the balance of PH on the epidermis, keeping the epithelial tissue healthy so it can protect the live skin layers or dermis. An unbalance of PH occurs as a result of either low acid due to extreme weather, pollutants, astringents, the wrong products, or other irritating acid mantle debilitating ailments. High alkalinity substances like a strong glycerin based soap or anything that makes you feel squeaky clean will produce and increased PH, causing skin irritation and hospitable environment for the Propionibacterium to colonize. This is a basis for tossing your sebaceous glands into a tizzy.

When the small sebaceous glands produce too much oil and the tiny hair follicle becomes clogged, the walls of the pore expand with live bacterial white blood cells, sebum and cell debris. This often elicits rupturing of the pore’s cell walls, thus spreading the infection into the lymphatic fluids and contaminating otherwise healthy pores.

Now that we know the common causes of these embarrassing pimple break outs, what’s the best solution to treat and prevent them from happening in the first place? The good news is the leading source in the development of acne is easily identified in the things that touch your face. Think about what touches your face. It could be your hands, phone, and even your hair. Make a real effort to keep Anything from touching your face that doesn’t treat it. Men; if you have to come in contact with a helmet for football, clean your chin strap and pads with some rubbing alcohol before putting it on your head. Ladies: start using your speakerphone more often, don’t rest your cheeks on your arms or hands when you get board. Adults, teenagers, men and women of all ages where sunglasses. Perhaps you wear reading glasses and wonder why you get painful zits or little pimples around your nose. It’s easy to identify the things that touch our faces every day. When it happens, make a mental note of it. That’s what’s causing your acne and recognizing it is the first step in preventing it.

Finally, use the right products; such as SCORE BHA Clarifying Solution as a daily Acne Treatment, along with a proper PH balanced cleanser, and a weekly or biweekly exfoliant on the skin of the decolletage face, cheeks, and neck will keep your skin balanced, healthy, and beautiful. It's guaranteed to work!

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