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Grapeseed Oil - BHA Clarifying Solution

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How It Works: Grapeseed oil is a light antioxidant rich oil derived from the seeds of grapes. This magnificent skin hydrator absorbs completely into the skin do to its tiny micronized molecules making this ingredient in Score Clarifying Solution a powerhouse nutrient driver/carrier for the Acne Treatment. Grapeseed oil is also considered very allergy resistant in the family of oils. Most oils that have skin renewing and regenerating qualities are derived from nuts making them unsuitable for a large amount of the population. Grapeseed oil has all the benefits of these more irritating oils without the side effects. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a more versatile yet skin perfecting ingredient on the market today. In the fight against premature aging this luscious oil marries the unique blend of essential oils found in our Clarifying Solution. This works towards stabilizing collagen and elastin in the skin while treating the issues our largest organ faces.

Vitamin C and vitamin E are powerhouses in the fight against aging in themselves. Grapeseed oil is chock full of both, neutralizing the free radicals that our skin comes in contact with every day. Red wine, berries, black and green teas have antioxidants called procyanidolic oligomers or PCOs for short. Grapeseed oil also contains fatty acids both essential and nonessential, which are paramount in the fight towards healthy, glowing, hydrated, skin. These fatty acids like a-linoleic, oleic, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, and stearic acid are added ingredients in your more medical top of the line skin care lines.

While most oils and water based acne treatments set atop the skin, grapeseed oil has very small chains of molecules allowing it to be easily absorbed all the way down into the pores delivering the BHA Salicylic acid to the bacteria laden oils that cause breakouts. This Clarifying Solution really works because it literally gets deep down into your acne prone oily skin of your face and clears it up.

Some of the benefits of grapeseed oil are as follows:

  • easily absorbable
  • rich in antioxidants
  • anti inflammatory
  • 50 times richer in antioxidants than vitamin E
  • rich in fatty acids
  • cleans out pores
  • regulates and maintains healthy skin
  • contains GLA
  • nutrient driver
  • non-comedogenic
  • very allergy free
  • helps calm psoriasis
  • helps calm eczema
  • skin, hair, scalp, moisturizer
  • good eye makeup remover
  • protects collagen
  • evens out skin tone
  • fights swelling
  • great lubricant for shaving
  • Several publications have useful information printed about this wonderful healthy oil. Dietitian Mindy Weisel wrote “Colorfully Slim,” in her book she talks about how chock full of antioxidants Grapeseed oil is. She recommends that this oil be used all over the skin, head to toe to protect, nourish, and hydrate.

    Sally W. Trew talks about the flavonoids and allergy reaction inhibiting grapeseed oil on fighting skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, in her book “The complete idiots guide to making soaps.”

    The esthetician and author of “Complexion Perfection,” Kate Somerville notes in her book the benefits of using grapeseed oil to remove eye makeup while dually nourishing the eyelashes, helping them grow.

    Michelle Eby is the author of the book “Return to Beautiful Skin,” she states the benefits Grapeseed oil has on our collagen and elastin health and production. She talks about how Grapeseed oil is beneficial in the creation of collagen, hyaluronic acid production, and elastin health. Score some grapeseed oil, for the health, maintenance, and perfection of your skin and complexion.