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BHA Acne Treatment
Skin Clarifying Solution

Acne Treatment
How To Use: Gently wash your face and any area of the body that requires treatment. Put a few drops of Score Clarifying Solution into the palm of your hand or on your fingertips and gently apply it to cleansed skin or directly onto the infected area twice a day. Score is an all natural organic formula of essential oils and skin nourishing botanicals that are part of a daily regimen to promote the healing of irritated broken out skin while reducing the recurrence of acne and acne scarring. SCORE! You finally found a product that really works!

What It Is: Score BHA Clarifying Solution is a clinical strength acne and anti-aging skin treatment that was created by a Medical Esthetician with years of expertise in testing remedies from nearly every acne and anti-aging treatment product on the market today. If you look at the main ingredients on both acne and anti-aging formula labels, you’ll notice the first and most prevalent ingredient is water or alcohol followed by a list of synthetic emulsifiers that are nearly impossible to pronounce, much less understand. There are very few solutions that contain natural BHA salicylic acid combined with other all natural ingredients that promote skin health. Harsh chemicals combined with benzoyl peroxide or other ingredients that dry and irritate the skin even further are what you'll find on drug store shelves. Most of these products use AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids as the active ingredient because they're much cheaper to manufacture and water soluble. BHA or Beta Hydroxy Acid is a natural salicylic acid derivative of aspirin which is the only oil soluble ingredient of its kind. These are typically what you find in medical and dermatologists’ offices.

Why It Works: Pores and hair follicles are filled with dead skin and sebum (oil). They easily get clogged and impacted, resulting in irritation and covering of the fresh new skin being produced by our bodies every day. AHA’s are water soluble and if you’ve ever seen water mixed with oil, it’s easy to understand why these products are repelled by the oil inside your pores. BHA’s are more capable of penetrating the pores because they are naturally lipid soluble, giving them the ability to combine with the sebum/dead skin cell mixture that blocks pores. By exfoliating all the way down inside it, the impacted comedones get released and the new underlying skin is revealed. The result is reduced inflammation with a healthy and youthful appearance. If your current acne treatment lotion or anti-aging cream is mostly water (check the label), then you need a BHA solution.

The harsh side effects associated with chemicals used to treat skin have increased the need for natural products in spas and medical offices. Holistic approaches are being tested extensively; much like their chemical counterparts have been over the last few decades. Ingredients like Vitamin C Ester, Tea Tree oil, Calendula, German Chamomile, Neroli, Camphor, and Grapeseed oil are known to promote healthy skin on their own. Now they are combined in a powerful proprietary formula along with BHA salicylic acid in the fight against acne inflammation and aging skin. As teenagers and adults search for relief from ingrown hairs, painful red abscesses and tired looking skin; Score Clarifying Solution was created to fill the growing need for treatment with the very best ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work. All without a prescription or harsh formulations, this is a remedy to get clear, firm and younger looking skin backed by controlled studies and sound science. What used to require an office visit with a full evaluation is now conveniently bottled for discreet use at home, and priced so that anyone can afford this naturally medicated solution.

Our Guarantee: Healthy skin naturally starts here: We guarantee you'll get clear skin within your 60 day supply or we'll give you a full refund of the purchase price.

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